Socioeconomic Status (SES)

SES is the main driver of segregation in Australian schools

Low SES students are less likely to finish high school, attend university, and find full-time work

40% of students from low SES backgrounds do not complete year 12

Low SES students are 2.08 times more likely to miss outĀ on educational milestones than learners in high SES

Less than 20% of low SES students are represented at Australian Universities

Our Vision

To increase high school completion rates, enterprising skills and university admission rates for students from low SES backgrounds.

Our Solution & Model


Gain exposure to positive role models


Learn about a breadth of post high school options

Overcoming Challenges

Learn how to overcome challenges


Develop Core and Enterprising Skills

All of our volunteers come from low SES backgrounds themselves so they can provide both advice and understandingĀ to their mentees.

Horizon Mentoring

1. Student Matching

Students are matched to mentors 1:1 based on their career goals and interests. The mentors are volunteers and a varied group of professionals (nurses, engineers, scientists, journalists).

Online Meetups

The mentor then digitally meets up with their student once a fortnight and chats about Career options, uni pathways, their own journey, how to overcome challenges, core skills development etc.

Mentors from Diverse Backgrounds

Schools Signed Up

Key Corporate Partnerships

Students Matched with Mentors